MaDar and Trikaya teach that Love actually Works!  The fact that we may find it hard to believe that love offers a way to happiness, success, and fulfillment is only because we have lacked a true understanding about true love.  MaDar and Trikaya teach that true love is much more than sentimental, romantic, or flirtatious.  It is a creative force!

We often come to believe that to be a success in life we must learn and master a pragmatic way of living, a way that brings us success in the modern world.  Sometimes however, we find that no matter what we do, things do not go the way we wanted or needed them to.  These times can be challenging, and even devastating.  However, what can be more challenging are the times when we gain what we thought was success and find our success is empty!  MaDar and Trikaya offer us a way to find fulfillment in whatever we choose to do.

"Only a personal experience of unconditional, unearned, and infinite love and forgiveness can move you from the normal world view of scarcity to the divine world of infinite abundance."                      
Richard Rohr
"With their wisdom, power, and insight, MaDar and Trikaya have allowed me to experience love in its purest form. Until I met them, I hadn't understood that love strengthens and grounds us. Being in the presence of my teachers' love, has meant I've experienced enough safety to look at difficult emotions and distorted beliefs I've held about God, myself, and the world. In gaining clarity and insight, I too am more present and of better service to love. I am deeply grateful for all their teaching and guidance. Through it, I've been able to learn."     --Kimberly

Love Works honestly
Learn to thrive by engaging the creative force of love
in the midst of chaos, fear and depression
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